Healthy Back Tips

April 2011

What is Therapeutic Yoga?

Therapeutic yoga is the clinical application of authentic Yoga teachings and practices that originated in India as far back as 1,700 BCE and have evolved worldwide ever since. Therapeutic yoga is firmly rooted in the teachings of core yogic texts and practices that have been transmitted, teacher-to-student, for thousands of year.

Therapeutic yoga is founded on the Yogic principle that self-awareness influences change through the application of appropriate and consistent practice. Yoga practice adapts to the unique requirements of an individual’s life situation which includes one’s condition and symptoms. The practice of therapeutic yoga, therefore, continues to evolve and be refined as one’s condition changes over time.

Through the application of physical postures (asana), breathing (pranayama) and meditation techniques, yoga therapy provides a holistic approach to the healing process. Consequently, yoga therapy integrates healing of the body with healing of the mind and emotions.

The goals of therapeutic yoga include:

  • Reduce anatomic, physiologic, and psychologic discomfort.
  • Manage symptoms of illness and disease, including pain, digestive distress, sleeplessness, low energy, anxiety and depression
  • Improve function at every level including personal, physical, social and professional life.
  • Create a healthy perspective in the face of life challenges, including illness, old age and mortality itself.

How can therapeutic yoga help me?

Therapeutic yoga can help you if you…

  • Are healing from an injury.
  • Want to learn how you can help your body safely return to normal mobility.
  • Wish to work back into your previous yoga practice.
  • Have chronic pain, anxiety or depression.

Therapeutic yoga can help with many conditions including:

  • Orthopedic injuries (knee pain, shoulder pain, back pain)
  • Chronic pain, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, arthritis
  • Anxiety, depression, sleep disorders

Why is Atlanta Back Clinic Therapeutic Yoga unique?

Our yoga instructor, Chris Mastin, RYT500, is a certified yoga instructor at the advanced-teacher level. She has extensive experience using yoga to effectively manage the physical, psychological and emotional aspects of chronic back pain and other orthopedic injuries. Through the use of yoga therapy she has helped many individuals prepare for needed surgical intervention as well as regain function following surgery. Chris teaches yoga classes in the Atlanta metro area and is an assistant in the Pranakriya School of Yoga Healing Arts 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program. Chris is also available for private, one on one yoga therapy sessions.

Who can participate in therapeutic yoga?

Therapeutic yoga is appropriate for all ages, body types, and fitness levels. Regardless of your condition or symptoms therapeutic yoga can be adapted in ways to benefit you. Modifications to meet your individual need(s) are possible given the countless number of postures, the variety of breathing strategies and numerous meditation techniques to choose from. The sequencing of a therapeutic yoga session can also evolve as your needs change.

Attending a class or having individual sessions in therapeutic yoga at the Atlanta Back Clinic.

If you are interested in attending a class in therapeutic yoga at the Atlanta Back Clinic or wish to have an individual session, please call us and inquire at 770 491 6004, or contact the Atlanta Back Clinic. We would be delighted for you to participate and will endeavor to make you feel right at home.