Atlanta Back Clinic Find Your Way To Relief.

With over 40 years in business, the Atlanta Back Clinic is dedicated to providing patients with the highest quality physical therapy care. We strongly adhere to a one-to-one (one therapist to one patient) personalized approach to health care delivery. Each physical therapist has training and experience with the following treatment options:

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Individual Treatment

One on one individual physical therapy care is offered for orthopedic spine and extremity related problems. Sessions are typically 45 - 60 minutes. The Physical Therapists at the clinic have post-graduate education in evaluating and treating back and neck pain, headaches, sport injuries and post operative orthopedic conditions. You will be treated with care and understanding by experienced, competent physical therapists.

Training and Fitness Center

A training and fitness center is available for individuals interested in improving their physical conditioning level. Exercise emphasis is placed on functional performance as well as strength, endurance, balance/coordination and flexibility. An evaluation session with a physical therapist is required prior to use of the facility. Monthly membership fees range from $40 - $50 depending on frequency of use per week.

Patient Education Booklet

The Patient Education Booklet was written by Physical Therapists at the Atlanta Back Clinic and is intended to supplement the evaluation and treatment sessions. The material contained in the booklet will help you learn how to recover from your condition as well as prevent future problems.

On-Line Patient Education

Our website at contains a Back Tip Section for patient education. Back Tips are released once every 6 months for the purpose of educating people on various aspects of back care. Previous sections include suggestions for reducing back strain while gardening and raking, proper biomechanics for sit to stand transfers as well as ergonomic guidelines for proper chair selection.

Student-Athlete Injury and Sport Participation Screening Program

The Student Athlete Injury Program is for student athletes new to the clinic who have sustained an injury due to sport activity. A 15-minute time period is set aside for a brief consultation along with suggestions for treatment. You will be evaluated by an experienced Physical Therapist with knowledge of sport related musculo-skeletal problems. The Sport Participation Screening Program involves a 15-minute orthopedic physical therapy examination to determine readiness for sports participation. Both programs are free and available after school hours and on Saturday mornings.

Feldenkrais Instruction

Individual and group class sessions are offered by Deb Herberger who is a Physical Therapist and a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner. You will experience how to improve your body awareness through movement. These gentle movements will increase your flexibility and coordination while reducing your pain and stiffness. Classes are held on Thursdays from 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM. Individual sessions can be scheduled.

Please call (770) 491-6004 for more information on classes or to inquire as to whether this form of exercise is right for you.